200 of these smiling faces in every Safe Village!

Freed from brutal daily labor in Indian mines, children in Safe Villages are given the freedom of education. We’ve established 4 already, but we need your help to reach our goal of 5.

Will you contribute the cost of one Friday Happy Hour drink to our campaign? It only take 2 mins to BE THE CHANGE for 1,000 children: www.madeinafreeworld.com/india!

FRDM™ will only happen if we ask for it!

The end of slavery in our favorite products is getting closer, but we need your help more than ever. Nearly 2 million people have learned their Slavery Footprint. And over 700,000 letters have been sent asking companies to use our FRDM™ software to protect against slavery in their supply chains. Slavery is a $150 billion business, and to end this shocking crime, companies must become the heroes. That will take all of us.

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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: 4 of 5 Safe Villages established!!!

In less than 4 months, 331 members of the Made In A Free World community have raised over $30,500 to free 800 children from mines in India.

SHARE & ENCOURAGE your friends to donate so we can establish the 5th Safe Village, and ensure that 1,000 children will never see the inside of a mine again: madeinafreeworld.com/india!