#ThisIsHappeningNow: 300 girls and women have been sold to ISIS fighters in Syria for $1,000 each.

The women are an ethnic minority known as Yazidi, and were forced to convert to Islam. Forced marriage is a form of modern slavery.

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#ThisIsFRDM: Our Founder/CEO was so proud to be a judge at this competition in Haiti!

You have to check out the NPR article and song lyrics by the winner, Yoldie:

"I am asking for Freedom" 

I am a child that has been wrinkled by misery.
I am singing this song to share my story as a Restavek 
and to ask for my freedom and that of all the other children like myself.
For, It is time to put an end to this system of Restavek in Haiti.

Listen to my voice,
even though I am growing up mistreated.
If you don’t listen to this little song, 
I guarantee you won’t know my story. 
For it isn’t written in the pages of the big books that are in your hands.
Listen to me please, Listen please.
You’ve been talking about me for a while now. 
I heard you on the morning radio, 
saying that I am the future of this country.
A lot of the beautiful phrases that you at times repeat
I have a tendency to miss. 
For my workload is too much.
I’ve heard you speaking up for me.
Today I want you to hear me. 
Hear me because only the donkey can tell you about the pain caused by the scars

They call me Lita.
My aunt’s neighbors call me Tita.
The people who read in big books like Maurice Sixto,
call me Sentaniz. 
I am a child from the countryside.
I am eleven years old.
I was living in the countryside with my family when I was a little. 
Poverty and misery forced my dad to send me the capital
to live with a friend of his. 
In that home, I carried the burden of everything.
That’s why I am asking for your understanding.
When you see my unkempt hair,
It’s not because I am sloppy. 
It’s because my head is used as platform to deliver blows in that home.
In that home, 
Bad treatment and I wake from the same bed
In that home, 
Humiliation and I are very good friends
good friends

Shield, support and free 
Restavek children like myself with courage. 
Have compassion for us 
Oh My Lord 
Come help us 

In that home, I can’t speak.
They treat me like a slave.
I am deprived of school and rest.
The Mrs. is mistreating me, 
husband and sons are raping me 
I am deprived of words and of my rights as a child 
You, that’s looking at me
Or that’s listening 
You must have compassion to take a stand. 
Be courageous, 
with both hands, 
spread the word. 
Support all sectors who bring a new vision: 
A Haiti without Restaveks.
I beg of you to do so, 
because the children like myself are tired.

Compassion with courage 
A new vision 
A Haiti without Restaveks
We want a Haiti without Restaveks
We must have a Haiti without a Restavek 

Protect the Restaveks.
Give them love,
sense their tiredness,
say enough is enough for them, 
ask for their freedom.
Protect the Restaveks.
Respect their rights.
They are tired.
They are saying enough is enough.
They are asking for their freedom.

#FreedomFriday: Meena, your bravery left us speechless.

The Delhi rape case gave gender-based violence in India an international profile. It is an issue that activists are still desperately trying to find solutions to. But with increased dialogue and community-building comes the opportunity for change.

WATCH Meena Virayann’s powerful TED Talk about her personal story of pain, perseverance, and ultimately, hope.

#DidYouKnow that child soldiers are victims of modern slavery?

16-year-old Matthew was in math class in South Sudan when a group of armed men stormed his school and told 300 students that they would now be fighting against the government for a revenge attack.

SHARE this Al Jazeera English story and educate your community that children are being forced, coerced, and deceived into being soldiers around the world.

#TBT: The tip of the iceberg.

A few months ago, we celebrated great progress towards establishing our first Safe Village. Now, 336 amazing individuals have established FOUR Safe Villages by raising $30,717. We’re only a few thousand dollars away from establishing our FINAL Safe Village, freeing 1,000 children from the mica mines, and sending a tidal wave of hope across Jharkhand, India!!!

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Primary school is key. Turns out that middle school may be even more so in the fight against child slavery.

Experts in Burma say that mandatory middle school education would dramatically reduce the likelihood of children being illegally recruited to work in tea shops, agriculture, construction, and other industries where they are commonly exploited.

HELP US END CHILD SLAVERY by donating to the only proven long-term solution: education. www.madeinafreeworld.com/india.

Interview with Leif Coordlin, Executive Editor of the CNN Freedom Project

We’re proud to have been featured on CNN throughout the years, especially because of their ground-breaking work to raise awareness of modern slavery through the The CNN Freedom Project.

READ this insightful interview with Leif Coorlin, Executive Editor of the CNN Freedom Project: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ebenezar-wikina/free-at-last-my-stroll-wi_b_5697650.html.